Blu Sky – Recycling Service Provider Portal

Product Care Association is an organization that manages recycling beds, paints, lightbulbs, and such throughout Canada and some states in the US. They depended upon a dated system which was difficult to use and lacked certain essential functionality. They had also had some bad experiences with failed projects that were over budget and did not end up meeting their expectations. They hired Blu Sky, where I did a full requirements analysis which was iterated numerous times before signoff. Then wireframes were developed which were also iterated numerous times before sign-off. The client actually used the wireframes to walk end users throughout Canada in preliminary user acceptance testing while I watched, and everyone was very eager to see the design implemented. We then did mockups and programmed the system. It was designed not only to manage the input of recycling credits, but also to integrate with PCA’s CRM and Accounting systems. PCA was very happy with the system.





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