Jim McNeely has 20+ years of deep experience doing complex high-profile projects with numerous Fortune 500 companies and many smaller companies. He has design and technical skills combined with an intuitive grasp of user’s needs that leads to the creation of clear experiences which fulfill important business purposes and can be practically developed.

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  • User Experience Research and Requirements Documentation
  • UX, System Architecture, Data Structure and GUI design (storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, etc.)
    • Proficient with Balsamiq, Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe XD & Illustrator, inVision, etc.
  • Front End web development with JS frameworks, javascript, html5, css, etc.
  • Backend Development with Python, node.js, PHP
  • Data Visualization with tools like AWS Quicksight and Sisense
  • Project management and team oversight
  • HL7 medical record interchange protocols and medical systems integration
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc. admin and development experience. Advanced Developer training and extensive DB Admin experience with MySQL.
  • AWS cloud administration and CLI automation


Jetty Communications Solutions LLC (April 2018 – Now)
Business: Jetty is a disaster response PR software company, with large oil company, municipality and aerospace clients
Position: UX Manager
Work Summary: UX Research and Requirements Analysis, UX and UI design, AWS administration and automation, Feature Roadmap Development
Projects: Multilingual site management, Correspondence Management, General UI upgrade, Call Center design, Status Boards, Site Billing Reports, automated domain registrations and site rollout in AWS
APANA™ (February 2016 – April 2018)
Business: APANA™ is an IOT company that provides services to monitor, analyze, and optimize water usage for large retail companies
Duties: Analyst, UX Designer, Front End Developer
Work Summary: UX Research, UX and UI design, Front End angular.js/javascript development, BI Data Visualization design and development
Projects: Customer Analytics Site, Installer Helper Mobile Site (for plumbers), Internal Administrative Console
Blu Sky Creative (January 2015 – February 2016)
Business: Blu Sky was a custom software/web application development company
Position: Senior Developer
Work Summary: UX Research and Requirements Analysis, UX and UI design (wireframes and mockups), Front End development
  • IMPACT Feedback: a SASS product for universities to use to track student use of alcohol and marijuana, with tools to counsel them.
  • Product Care Association Recycling Provider Portal: PCA is a Canadian recycling management company. This project created a web portal for users across Canada to input their recycling data, which directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I also designed and implemented Microsoft Dynamics customizations for them.
  • NW Poditrics: A manufacturer of custom shoe inserts for podiatrists. We redesigned an iOS app which permits doctors to take digital scans of feet and send them as orders via AWS.
Envision Data – Owner/Founder (Jan 2014 – Jan 2015)
Position: Owner/Founder
Work Summary: Miscellaneous contracting doing WordPress sites, HTML/CSS/front-end development
Northwest Radiologists (June 2007 – Jan 2014)
Business: NWR is a group of radiologists who service a large region in the Pacific Northwest for MRI’s, Cat Scans, Mammography, Ultrasounds, X-Rays, etc. They also handle imaging for the main hospital in the region through a joint company with Peace Health.
Position: Senior Database Programmer
Work Summary: Engineered the the integration of numerous internal and external systems using an Electronic Medical Systems integration engine, while maintaining and updating a custom built Radiology Information System. Researched, wireframed, and developed numerous custom UX and UI projects to enable digital workflows.
Projects (a small sample!)
  • Integration and migration of new Radiology Information System: Years of forward thinking architecture and data structure design paid off with a smooth data migration and integration of a commercial RIS with all existing workflows and integrations with Peace Health and dozens of doctor’s offices. Carefully documented and posted in an internal WIKI about data structures, test scenarios, HL7 dictionaries and mappings were kept even for the vendor as a matter of reference for those who needed it. Exact tests and UAT were performed to make sure that the transition would go smoothly. Migration was planned and performed over the course of months to ensure a go-live with usable patient history and data.
  • Patient History Viewer: Data from various sources, such as the internal RIS, hospital imaging, and other sources were consolidated into a single searchable interface. There was also an administrative reporting interface which created print, PDF, or spreadsheets results based on criteria such as diagnosis code, procedure, imaging type, referring doctor, referring doctor organization, technologist, patient, and many others. The infrastructure, architecture, query optimization, and GUI were all designed by Jim McNeely.
  • Report Distribution System: Completely redesigned from the ground up with UX and extreme accountability and stability in mind, this system took radiologist dictated imaging reports and sent them to referring doctors and practitioners according to their distribution preferences. Some reports were printed directly through a region-wide VPN, and results from the print queue were time-stamped and recorded into a database. Some reports were sent electronically via HL7, and some were faxed or even printed and mailed. Patients could also request to have a copy of the report distributed to them as well, and other doctors could be referred by the main referrer as a “copy” doctor. Errors were displayed in a custom designed error-queue with common options prominently presented. Questions from providers could be easily researched, and upon authentication reports could be retriggered for distribution for a single report or a range of reports.
  • Error and Heartbeat Alert System: This was a generalized central queue that received heartbeats for repetitive processes, and error messages, and generated alerts for numerous critical automated systems to interested parties via smart phones, desktop machine popups, and reporting queues in an internal wiki. Frequencies and thresholds could be easily tweaked so that meaningful alerts would cause true alarm and action. Every system fed into this regardless of its technology basis.
New Century Data, Inc. (Oct 2003 – June 2007)
Business: NCD was formed when the original Envision Data merged with another company. Jim McNeely led the new company, which created custom enterprise software solutions. NCD worked in various industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, advertising, creative, retail, manufacturing, and many others. Jim McNeely spoke at national conferences on user-centric design, data normalization strategies, and understanding IT business systems for non-IT managers.
Position: Founder, Owner, President 
Work Summary: Requirements analysis and UX Research, UX design, solution architecture, project management, development, marketing and rainmaking, legal agreements, tech and entrepreneur conference speaker, and many other hats. Hired and trained brilliant people and oversaw small teams using various development disciplines to define, design, and deliver beautiful enterprise systems. I loved running NCD and we had an amazing team of truly brilliant people doing incredible work.
  • American Airlines Charter Flight Management System: A system designed to overhaul AA’s pricing and scheduling mechanisms for commercial and military charter flights. This system had over a dozen different user groups, with a desktop application piece, a web approval mechanism, and integration with AA’s SABRE system.
  • American Airlines military charter sales reporting system: this was a tool designed to track the profitability of military charter flights booked at AA. Military charters are the single most profitable part of AA.
  • American Airlines flight planner alert system: This was a web application which alerted flight planners to news, legal changes, weather problems, and all kinds of things.
  • Lockheed Martin Flight Test Instrumentation system: This was a massively complex engineering system that was begun by Time Lever and inherited and maintained and partially redesigned by NCD upon a merger. In fact NCD and Time Lever merged largely in order to service and redesign this system. it involved tracking transducers which were placed onto experimental aircraft, whose location, calibration history, and international ownership had to be managed at all times. This system was literally rocket science.

  • Washington Mutual mortgage sales pipeline system: Several hundred million dollars in sales a year were pumped through this system in WM’s Dallas mortgage sales office. The requirements were so complex and at times overwhelming that I often joked with them that I had literally done systems which were rocket science, and their system was worse. They used it extensively to import corporate employee move spreadsheets to begin the process of contact through to home sales. They were one of the most successful offices in the country, and they attributed a large part of their success to this system.

  • Dozens of smaller projects in various industries: From communications firms, to advertising, to health care, to defense, to banking, to creative firms, to commercial truck wash companies, to education, NCD championed UX design to create gorgeous systems for business.

Envision Data (Dec 2002 – Oct 2003)
Position: Owner/Founder 
Work Summary: FileMaker Pro database development, PHP and javascript web application development
  • Surgical Orthomedics sales and reporting system: A system to manage sales, sales leads, inventory, and to do reporting for a small but vibrant orthopedic surgery supply company.

  • Circuit Breaker Sales Web based Inventory system: Created from scratch in PHP, this system managed national inventory for an industrial electrical supply company.

The Stravin Group (now Harmonic-Data) (April 2000 – Dec 2002)
Business: FileMaker Pro Consultant group
Position: Chief Software Engineer 
Work Summary: FileMaker Pro, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting
Projects (small sample!)
  • FileMaker Inc. Sales force automation tool: This was a pioneering system using cutting edge technologies for the time to automate the creation of quotes, manage sales contacts, manage meetings, and do everything needed to sell software to corporate businesses.

  • Fastsigns HQ franchise payment system: this was a system to track royalties from franchises.

  • FM Replicator: A product which analyzed the structure of a database, replicated the structure into another RDBMS tool, and synchronized the data from changes on both sides.


Bachelor of Music, University of North Texas, composition focus

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Other Interests

  • I love to kayak, in the summer I go almost daily
  • I love to bicycle; I have a fancy bike with a carbon fiber belt instead of a chain
  • I’ve followed a Whole Foods Plant Based vegan diet for over 3 years. I love learning new things to cook!
  • I’ve written and published (not self-published!) two books
  • For over a decade I was a travelling professional magician and storyteller
  • I am a songwriter and composer; I’ve written chamber music and even symphonic music
  • I am a classically trained flutist and pianist; I especially love the music of Bach. I also love to play jazz.
  • I love to tinker in my shop with wood and metal creations, and with arduino microprocessors. My current focus is marble run sculptures
  • I recently planted and pastored a church where much of the congregation was homeless and suffering from drug addiction. I consider myself a post-evangelical theologian/philosopher. I am currently helping my close friend start a high-liturgy Anglican church.

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