APANA™ – Customer Analytics Site

The Apana Customer Analytics Site takes big data collected from water sensors in commercial buildings at one minute increments and displays that data in digestable and actionable ways. There are overviews for regions of sites over large date ranges down to minute by minute “EKG” charts that show water usage per sensor. There have been […]

APANA™ – Admin Portal

APANA™ is a startup company which has created an IoT technology to manage water. This is an internal admin and order pipeline tool which is currently in use there. Wireframe apana_admin Screens apana_admin_screens

Northwest Radiologists – Patient History Viewer

While I worked at Northwest Radiologists, I designed and implemented a number of systems, while creating the backend infrastructure to support these systems as part of a small team of developers and system administrators. One of these systems was the patient history viewer. This system took data from the main Radiology Information System (RIS) and […]

Blu Sky – Impact Feedback

Impact Feedback is a system developed by Blu Sky to help colleges track and curtail alcohol and marijuana consumption. I worked on a redesign of a version 2 of the product, and supervised the creation of visual mockups of the system. I’ve only included one of the the wireframe sets that comprise this system here, […]

Blu Sky – Recycling Service Provider Portal

Product Care Association is an organization that manages recycling beds, paints, lightbulbs, and such throughout Canada and some states in the US. They depended upon a dated system which was difficult to use and lacked certain essential functionality. They had also had some bad experiences with failed projects that were over budget and did not […]

Blu Sky / Rand Corporation – Partners Connect

Rand Corporation contracted with BluSky to create a web based questionnaire and program to help spouses of alcoholic military personnel. They were having a difficult time getting acceptance, so I was able to step in and design a new mobile-friendly landing page with a clear and engaging action item. I also created an A/B test […]

User Experience Design for Back-Office Processes

It seems that in many people’s minds, UX is considered most useful in situations where sites or systems are built for customer-facing situations. This is true, UX is very useful for this. However, although there are fewer users in back-office applications, the use-cases are far more complex and the numbers of different user roles are […]

Define Projects with Requirements Documentation

Define Your Digital Needs

Define or Die! A recent article in CIO magazine asserts that over 50% of IT projects fail. The article states, I think quite correctly, that the reason for this is that the systems that end up being implemented don’t align with the business interests for which they were intended. It isn’t a technology failure, it […]


Examples of UX deliverables

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of User Experience design (UX), it may sound a bit ethereal or theoretical. It is actually anything but theory – think of it as the software world’s way of creating blueprints. I thought it might be useful to post a little portfolio of some real-life examples of UX documents so you can see what this is about.

The Value of User Experience Design

Nothing is more important to web site and application development than User Experience Design (UX). This is something I’ve learned through experience and that I have a great passion about. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It is much easier to be “agile” when you are talking to a client or end-user […]